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The Stanford band made everybody furious at the Rose Bowl for the 3rd time in 4 years

College football's greatest tradition.

In 2013, Stanford went to the Rose Bowl, and its band made people upset.

In 2014, Stanford went to the Rose Bowl, and its band made people upset.

In 2016, Stanford went to the Rose Bowl, and guess what happened!

They played sinks and skateboards:

They brought out a cow:

They didn't explain what the cow was -- it just kinda walked around -- but Iowa people sure hated it. Just listen to them booing.


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What I do know is that year after year, the Stanford band makes people very, very, very, very, very, very angry:

I'll never quite understand why people get this angry about the Stanford band. They're acting dumb, yes ... but they're college kids acting dumb. And they do this to everybody. Here's a trombone player dressed up as a dinosaurHere, they trolled Ohio State by spelling out O-H-N-OThey've been accused of smuggling booze in their tubas.

Of all the ways for college kids to act dumb, "non-traditional marching band performances" seems like a pretty tame one.

Is it a little insulting to stereotype Iowans as farmers? Maybe, but, I mean, Iowa has a sticker that reminds us that America Needs Farmers on its helmet. Nobody is trying to hide the fact that many Iowans have farms. The biggest mistake they made is going with a cow when it would've been a lot more accurate to go with corn.

And if you're analyzing the Stanford band's performance that deeply, you're probably thinking about it more than they ever did.

Here's the band's script, via its Facebook page, which shows the whole thing was about both schools being from farms ("The Farm" is the nickname for Stanford's campus):

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