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Win probability charts from Steelers-Bengals and Seahawks-Vikings accurately mirrored our heartbeats

The 2016 NFL playoffs have been absurd.

SB Nation 2016 NFL Playoff Guide

The last two games of Wild Card weekend have been pure insanity. You know this if you watched the endings of Steelers-Bengals and Seahawks-Vikings on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, respectively. If you didn't see how those games ended, then a quick look at win probability charts from both game can tell you a lot.



Near the end of the third quarter, the Steeler led 15-0 and were near-statistically guaranteed to beat the Bengals. The Bengals turned fortunes in a hurry, however, and after AJ McCarron hit A.J. Green for a 25-yard touchdown to give them a 16-15 lead and backup Steelers quarterback Landry Jones threw a bad interception, their chances of winning were 95.9 percent according to Pro Football Reference.

That giant nosedive at the end is the Steelers' game-winning drive, specifically two bone-headed personal fouls that gave the Steelers a chip-shot field goal for the win.


The Seahawk-Vikings chart is only slightly less dramatic, but man look at the ridiculously sharp line at the end. Poor damn Blair Walsh.

The 2016 NFL playoffs are going to take years off our lives.

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