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Where is Justin Upton going to land this offseason?

Saturday's Say Hey, Baseball wonders where Justin Upton will take his talents to this offseason, two big free agents have signed deals and all the arbitration numbers you can handle.

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In about a month from now, we're going to reach that magical date of pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. We are that close to the beginning of camp and yet there are still a few big names who are still available on the free agent market, with Yoenis Cespedes being one of them and Justin Upton being another. While it appears that a team -- namely, the Orioles -- is starting to show serious interest in Cespedes, the same can't be said for Justin Upton, whose name continues to be bandied out there without a serious suitor to his name.

Seriously, who's going to make a legit pursuit of at Justin Upton? At this point it could be anybody: From the lowly regarded Phillies to the highly regarded Rangers, it really could be anybody on the contention spectrum at this point. To let you know just how wild the speculation is getting, the crew over at AZ Snake Pit suggests that the Diamondbacks should reunite with Justin Upton. It'd definitely fit the bill of being an extremely splashy move for a team that's had an extremely splashy offseason already, wouldn't it?

Either way, it's still a bit strange to see Justin Upton still available at this point in the offseason and it's still anybody's guess as to where he'll land. Yet, for some reason, teams just appear to be really hesitant to commit what could be big money and a loss of a draft pick to signing the 28-year old outfielder. Surely there are plenty of teams who are interested in having Upton on their team, but even at this late stage of the offseason, teams are still being shy about committing their future to one of the biggest free agents this season. Still, I wouldn't hold my breath on seeing him sign a one-year deal. Let's be real, here.


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