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Larry Fitzgerald won Cardinals-Packers all by himself in overtime

SB Nation 2016 NFL Playoff Guide

The Packers completed an improbable and amazing Hail Mary to force overtime against the Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald was going to make sure Green Bay's luck ran out there.

He did all the work on his own in overtime, starting with the very first play.

That is a very good play by Carson Palmer and Fitzgerald did the rest. Cutting and weaving and stiff-arming his way through the Green Bay defense all the way to the 5-yard line. Nothing like a 75-yard incredible play to get things moving in the right direction.

The Cardinals threw to Fitzgerald on the next play, but it went incomplete. That was just to let him catch his breath before scoring the game-winning touchdown.

Somehow Fitzgerald still had enough energy and breath to conduct a post game press conference too!

Larry Fitzgerald can do it all and saved his time for the biggest moment of the season.