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Chad Johnson is still going to people's houses and embarrassing them in FIFA

A new year means striving for new goals, and Twitter user @_DATBO1WOODY decided to make his goal to beat Chad Johnson in FIFA 16.

This is actually a rather difficult challenge. Johnson is a big soccer fan and takes pride in how well he plays in FIFA. Last year, you may recall, he showed up at someone's house in Norfolk and lost a closely contested game.

After taking the L last year, Johnson was ready to redeem himself at this stranger's house:

He was so eager about the chance to redeem himself he stopped everything he was doing to set up the match:

No, like seriously, he really wanted this:

To review: Chad Johnson was so excited about playing a stranger in FIFA he ABANDONED HIS CLOTHING AT AN AIRPORT. #YOLO

Just in case you thought he was merely talking trash, here's video of him showing up at @_DATBO1WOODY's house for the game.

It didn't take long for Chad Johnson to vindicate himself against this person he met just minutes before playing him:

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for, especially if you have a wish to play Chad Johnson in FIFA.

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