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Brandon Marshall got tea thrown at him for saying the Jets are better than the Panthers and the Broncos

The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore does nothing if not keep it "100":

During an appearance in a panel on the show, Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall chimed in on a number of issues including Cam Newton's importance to the modern NFL, and whether his jovial celebrations cross any lines of on-the-field decorum. But in the wake of touching on a few of the more hot button topics surrounding Super Bowl 50, Marshall and Wilmore did their best Kanye West-and-Wiz Khalifa impression.

After the former The Daily Show correspondent Wilmore was outed as a Seahawks fan, Marshall was quick to toss some verbal firecrackers.

Marshall: "You guys lost. Y'all got y'alls butt kicked."


Marshall: "This is my first year here!"

Wilmore: "You were on the Broncos and you're not there and now they're in the Super Bowl!"

Both sides had fun with it until the wide receiver's final segment on the show, appropriately named "Keep it 100." The premise is that the guest is put on the spot and forced to answer 100 percent truthfully and transparently. If they don't, Wilmore deserves the right to throw "weak tea" at them, in the form of actual tea bags.

You can see where this is going:

Wilmore: "Your Jets team barely missed the playoffs this season. You guys had a really good year. I thought you were going to go a long way. But you didn't. That's alright."

Marshall: "Is it alright? It's not alright."

Wilmore: "Are your Jets better than both teams playing in the Super Bowl?"

Marshall: "Yes. Absolutely. We missed the playoffs. I mean, you've got to look at it. It comes down to ..."


Though a fan in the audience chimed in with an emphatic "YES!" it wasn't enough to save Marshall from the barrage of tea bags.

Marshall's thoughts on Cam Newton shouldn't be lost amidst the levity, as he raised some salient points on Newton's role in the modern NFL:

"First of all. I want to say this. I commend him because back in the day our athletes and entertainers used to be civil rights leaders. They used to speak up. But now, the business has taken over. You have these brands like Under Armour, Nike and Beats by Dre and the yogurt thing that he endorsed. They come in and say 'just be a good boy, shut your mouth, and collect your check.' So, I am one of those guys, if I have an opinion I'm gonna say it -- I guess that's why I'm on my fourth team. But when you look at it, it's a generational thing. I just stick to that. I don't think it's racial. I just think there's a box we put our quarterbacks in and say 'this is how you're supposed to be'. This is how Peyton Manning did it. This is how Joe Montana did it, Tom Brady -- so you do it the same."

Marshall also made it clear that while Cam's affinity for celebrating wasn't his cup of tea -- he professed to being "from the old school" -- he respected him and frankly, "kind of like it."

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