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Browns have reportedly given up on Johnny Manziel, who wants to play for the Cowboys

Johnny Manziel's days in Cleveland appear to be numbered.

The Cleveland Browns are "so done" with Johnny Manziel after the quarterback missed a mandatory meeting with team doctors, according to MMQB's Peter King. Manziel reportedly wants to go to the Dallas Cowboys, and at this point it seems the Browns would be just fine letting the 2014 first-rounder go.

Manziel is in concussion protocol after reporting to practice last Wednesday with concussion symptoms, ending his season. The Browns require that players in concussion protocol meet with a team medic at 9 a.m. on Sundays. When Manziel failed to report, the Browns reportedly tried to contact Manziel by phone and couldn't reach him.

Manziel has had a mercurial season. One one hand, he has showed marked improvement on the field. The Browns went 2-4 with Manziel starting, and 1-9 in all other games. Across all of his appearances, Manziel went 129-for-233 passing for 1,500 yards, seven touchdowns and five interceptions, and rushed for 230 yards on 37 carries.

On the other hand, he has been an off-field headache for the Browns throughout his time in Cleveland. He was demoted to the third string after video surfaced of him partying during the team's bye week. After taking over the starting reins again, a similar video surfaced over the holidays.

Manziel did a 10-week stay at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility during the offseason. He was stopped in his car by police in October after an argument with his girlfriend "got out of hand," and Manziel admitted that he had been drinking in downtown Cleveland earlier that day.

His desire to go to Dallas makes sense. Manziel was born in Tyler, Texas, and starred for Texas A&M. The Cowboys also have a history of taking on -- and tolerating -- troubled players. Still, Manziel may need to be more prudent off the field if he hopes to make it in Dallas.

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