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Andruw Jones is finally set to retire from baseball

Sunday's Say Hey, baseball is here to remind you that Andruw Jones is only just now retiring. Plus, the Brewers and Diamondbacks made a pretty big trade this weekend, and the free agent market has a few dominos left to fall.

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Andruw Jones is reportedly getting ready to retire. Now, unless you're a baseball connoisseur who doesn't let silly things such as international borders and language barriers stop you from watching other leagues, then you probably figured that this happened after his 2012 campaign with the New York Yankees. That's when Jones couldn't latch onto another Major League team for the 2013 season and decided to take his talents overseas. However, he played two more seasons in Japan before declaring that he'd give the majors another shot in 2016.

The writing was on the wall, though, and now Andruw Jones is getting ready to file retirement papers. So ends the career of one of the most fascinating players to come out of the 1990s. Jones burst onto the scene by becoming the youngest player to ever hit a home run in the World Series, and from that point on his career reached a peak that could've been considered Hall of Fame-worthy. However, the descent from that peak was a long and precipitous drop -- one that saw a player who was once a speedy defensive dynamo turn into a lumbering slugger with a high strikeout rate.

While cities like Los Angeles and Dallas probably won't remember Andruw Jones fondly, one city definitely will: Atlanta. Even though the end was pretty ugly (A slash line of .222/.311/.413 in his final season as a Brave will do that), there were far more good times than bad, and he'll probably receive a hero's welcome once the Braves finally get around to bringing him back to the organization in a special role and/or retiring his number. He may not receive induction into Cooperstown, but he'll be properly remembered for being one of the key figures of that golden age of Braves teams, and that's not a bad way to end what's been a fascinating career.


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