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The Chiefs and Seahawks might just own the NFL playoffs

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The NFL playoffs start Saturday! Stephen White, Danny Kelly and Ryan Van Bibber make picks, preview the games ... and talk a little about the Lovie Smith firing in Tampa Bay.

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Good news! The regular season is over and the NFL playoffs are ready to begin. On this episode of the Family Hour, the internet's only NFL podcast, Stephen White, Danny Kelly and myself are previewing and making picks for all four of this weekend's wild card games.

Here's how the show breaks down, in case you want to bite it off in chucks:

  • Danny got his couch!
  • What in the hell are the Buccaneers doing? They fired head coach Lovie Smith late Wednesday night, and it says a lot more about the organization than it does Smith's record.
  • Chiefs vs. Texans -- This Chiefs team is going places ... maybe all the way to the Super Bowl. (26:40)
  • Bengals vs. Steelers -- We're divided over this one. On the one hand there's Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. But the Bengals are loaded, even if AJ McCarron has to play QB. (38:08)
  • Seahawks vs. Vikings -- The Vikings don't have a chance, or do they? (45:06)
  • Packers vs. Washington -- Kirk Cousins has a chance to beat Aaron Rodgers, but that Washington secondary could be a big problem. (49:41)
  • The Broncos and Patriots -- Which teams can beat the top seeds in the AFC? Several of them! (55:13)
  • The Panthers and the Cardinals are going to be hard to beat, but it can be done. (1:00:10)

Action packed!

You can listen above, or you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, if that's your sort of thing.