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A fan ran on the field and tried to give Angel Pagan a flower. Pagan body-slammed him.


What happens when idiots run on the field! I respect Angel Pagan!

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It’s a Friday night. You’re soaking in the last regular season series between the Giants and the Dodgers in San Francisco. It’s best just to relax in your seat and enjoy the best that baseball has to offer.

Well, two fans weren’t amused so they stormed the field in the middle of the game. One was quickly subdued but the other made his way to the outfield toward Angel Pagan.

Pagan didn’t seem threatened by the fan running up to him. After all, he was handing him a flower, but Pagan was aware that this was causing a distraction. That’s why he extended his arm as a nice gesture. Just kidding! Pagan then quickly sprung to action and got the trespasser in a classic belly-to-belly suplex. Law enforcement caught up after.

Fans at home weren’t able to see it happen live, but they did get the next best thing—Vin Scully calling every second of it: