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Here are all 3 Texas extra points blocked by Oklahoma State in just the first half

Extra points are supposed to be easy. They haven’t been for Texas.

The good news for Texas is that they’re scoring lots of touchdowns — four already in the first half against Oklahoma State. The bad news is they’re not doing a good job of kicking the extra point, which is supposed to be the easy part. Kicker Trent Domingue has had three of his four extra points blocked.

Here’s the first, which was returned the length of the field for two points by the Cowboys:

That’s actually the second time the Longhorns have had an extra point returned for a defensive conversion this year -- an NCAA record.

Here’s the second:

And here’s the third.

It looks like a combination of problems: Domingue’s kicks on the second and third attempts were pretty low, and ugly play by the offensive line allowed players to break completely through on the first and second.

Domingue is a good kicker -- he hit 55 of 56 extra point attempts at LSU, where he transferred from this season — and the offensive line has held its ground on more difficult attempts, allowing Domingue to hit every attempt he’s taken from under 40 yards this year. But on extra points, one of the easiest plays in football, things are going awfully awry for the Horns.

The problems have led to a swing of five points. three Texas didn’t score, and two that Oklahoma State did. If the Longhorns lose by a touchdown or less, these baffling breakdowns will be in part to blame.