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Jake Arrieta spoiled Madison Bumgarner's postseason streak with a 3-run homer

It’s usually Madison Bumgarner who’s ruining other pitchers, not the other way around. Jake Arrieta took issue with that.

MLB: NLDS-Chicago Cubs at San Francisco Giants John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Say, friends, have you heard about Madison Bumgarner in the postseason? Oh, well, pull up a chair, pull up a chair. See, it turns out that Bumgarner is unhittable in the postseason. Unhittable. Don’t even try, really. And with two outs and the pitcher up in the second inning of NLDS Game 3, Bumgarner was just going to keep mowing them down.


Just keep mowing them down.

Jake Arrieta didn’t just want to outduel Bumgarner. He wanted to outslug him. And if the Cubs hold on to win the game and the series, expect to see that home run for a long, long, long time.