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Jack Eichel exits Sabres practice after suffering painful leg injury

Reporters heard Eichel scream as he fell.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

NHL stars are dropping like flies.

That might be a bit dramatic. Carey Price has the flu. Patrice Bergeron will miss a few games. But these things come in threes.

The Buffalo Sabres were going through a practice on Wednesday morning when star center Jack Eichel tripped over a teammate’s skate and rolled his left leg. Initial reports from the arena said he screamed when he fell, and it’s not hard to see why.

If you’re squeamish about legs bending in unnatural ways, be warned!

We await word from the Sabres on just how bad the injury was, but if it costs him significant time then the Sabres just lost their most exciting player and a huge chunk of their offense before the season even begins.