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Trevor Bauer's ALCS start has been pushed back because he cut his finger fixing a drone

The Indians starter injured his pinky on his pitching hand while repairing a drone, and he’ll start Game 3 instead of Game 2.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer is many things. He’s a right-handed pitcher, long-throw champion, former practitioner of the violent-warmup arts, emcee, and drone enthusiast. But we’ll focus on that last one for a second.

Bauer was scheduled to start Game 2 of the ALCS for the banged-up Cleveland Indians, who are counting on him to help win their first championship since 1948. There’s a problem, though.

That's his pitching hand, and it's going to push his start back. Is it possible that the drone was self-aware and knew exactly what it was doing? Yes. Is this the opening salvo of a man vs. machine war that will consume the planet? Probably. In the short term, though, Bauer will not start Game 2. He’ll start Game 3, flip-flopping his start with Josh Tomlin.

According to Jordan Bastian of, Bauer’s injury should not affect any of his pitches. The extra two days of rest (which includes a scheduled off day) is just a precaution.

This is the future, apparently, and now we have a cautionary tale. Pitchers, don’t repair your drones before the League Championship Series. Hire someone to fix it for you.