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The Cubs just stole home in a playoff game for the first time since 1907

Javier Baez turned a mistake into a steal of home, and it was the first time it happened in a postseason game for the Cubs since they were known as winners. 

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Javier Baez has been one of the revelations of the postseason, showing off his speed, instincts, power, and joie de baseball. On Saturday night, though, he got a little too froggy, and Dodgers catcher Carlos Ruiz saw an opportunity to pick him off.

It was probably the right decision! But Baez, well, was just too quick.

The broadcast showed a different angle that highlighted just how split-second the decision of "aw, screw it, goin’ anyway" had to be, and it was remarkable. The steal of home was the first in the postseason for the Cubs since 1907.

Do you know what else the Cubs haven’t done for over 100 years?

Well, do you?

That's right. They haven't employed a pitcher named Orval Overall in over 100 years. Remarkable. Also, something about a World Series, but whatever. Look at Javier Baez go!