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Jon Bon Jovi wants an NFL team so bad he might be willing to buy the Titans

The Titans’ ownership situation is a mess and could force the team to be sold.

Jon Bon Jovi Attends St Louis Rams Vs New England Patriots At Wembley Stadium Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images

NFL ownership is a very exclusive club that only 31 people can be a member of at any one time (it would be 32 except the Packers are kind of progressive about it). It’s a group that adult contemporary star Jon Bon Jovi desperately wants to be a part of, so much so that he is reportedly interested in buying the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans are in violation of the league’s ownership rules. When Bud Adams died in 2013, he left equal parts of the franchise to his heirs and nobody with actual control over the team. Amy Adams Strunk acts as the face of ownership, but disagreements with other family members have prevented Strunk or anyone else from buying a controlling interest.

Roger Goodell and the rest of the league have already fined the Titans for not being in compliance with NFL rules for how ownership is structured. There could be even more legal trouble with the league for Adams’ family, and they might eventually be forced to sell the franchise.

Which brings us back to Mr. Slippery When Wet himself. He tried to buy the Buffalo Bills with a group of investors in 2014, but lost out to Terry Pegula. Bon Jovi is close with some NFL owners, including Robert Kraft of the Patriots, and still wants into the ownership club, reportedly.

NFL teams don’t come up for sale very often. If the Titans do end up getting sold, plenty of billionaires will be interested in buying them.