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Vernon Davis learned the hard way that his long-time celebration is illegal now

He’s the latest casualty in the NFL’s war on fun.

Washington’s Vernon Davis scored his first touchdown of the season Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. It all went downhill from there.

He celebrated with one of his favorite basketball moves, this jumper.

It got called as an excessive celebration and cost the team 15 yards on the kickoff. Philadelphia capitalized on that, with Wendell Smallwood taking the kickoff 86 yards for a touchdown, and Washington lost its big lead.

This celebration isn’t anything new, though. When he played for San Francisco, they even compiled a video of all his basketball celebrations.

The basketball ban isn’t new, either. The NFL put out strict rules on basketball-themed celebrations in 2014, before the new rules from this year.

There remains a question though, whether miming a jump ball was banned before, since this time Davis didn’t use the goalposts at all.

I guess it could have been worse, though.