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Richard Sherman got pissed off after Julio Jones scored a touchdown on blown coverage

Richard Sherman went after Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard after the team blew coverage for a touchdown.

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NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman doesn’t shadow receivers often, but when the team faces a truly elite wide receiver like Julio Jones, he’ll make an exception. But when the Atlanta Falcons made a move that kept Jones away from Sherman, he torched the Seahawks defense for a 31-yard touchdown, and Sherman was furious about it.

Sherman has had success shadowing receivers in the past, shutting down top wide receiver talent like Brandon Marshall, Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant. But the one thing he doesn’t do is follow a receiver to the slot and the Falcons seemed to take notice.

After a strong start to the day for the Seahawks defense, the Falcons moved Jones to the slot more often and it allowed him to face defensive backs other than Sherman. Just prior to the play that resulted in a touchdown, Sherman is lined up on the outside, leaving Jones to run free in the secondary.

After the play, Sherman was extremely upset on the sideline and slammed his helmet down before going after defensive coordinator Kris Richard. Several teammates had to step in between and try to calm down Sherman.

Eventually, he cooled down before the Falcons’ next drive, with players like Earl Thomas helping him get back into the confident frame of mind that the Seahawks thrive on.

But the Falcons had momentum and Kyle Shanahan had a new way to attack the Seahawks defense, drawing up more plays with Jones in the slot on the next drive that ended up 79 yards for a touchdown with Jones adding two receptions and 40 yards to his game total.