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Rams tried to blow up the Lions' victory formation

You’d think with 159 career losses a guy would at least know how to lose with class.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

You’d think a coach with 159 career losses would have learned a thing or two about losing gracefully over his two decades as an NFL head coach. Not Jeff Fisher. With the game out of hand and the Lions going into victory formation, the Rams defense slammed through the kneeldown.

Rams cheapshot Lions on a kneeldown

Rams defenders blew the Lions offensive linemen back into Matthew Stafford’s legs, and it looked for a minute like he was hobbling. This is why bum rushing the kneeldown is so unpopular, people can get hurt for no good reason.

It also adds to the widespread belief that Fisher coaches his teams to play dirty. And his defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, has that whole BountyGate scandal that got him banned from the league for a year.

It’s a shitty move that we haven’t seen in the NFL since Greg Schiano made himself tremendously unpopular with the rest of the league for doing it while he was coaching the Buccaneers in 2012 and 2013.

Fisher has supposedly been due for a contract extension for months now, something that’s been talked about going all the way back to August when he was telling his team on Hard Knocks that he wasn’t going to tolerate “7 and 9 bullshit” anymore.

He’ll probably still get that new deal because owner Stan Kroenke made a lot of money moving his team and doesn’t seem to care particularly about the results on the field, at least not until it’s time to open his new gilded palace of mediocre football in a few years.

Make no mistake, this is the kind of bullshit teams pull on their way to another 7-9 season. Just ask Schiano.