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Brock Osweiler will get credit for this touchdown that was all Lamar Miller

Brock Osweiler ruined Lamar Miller’s awesome game against the Colts.

The Texans looked bad in a bad primetime game against a bad Colts team on Sunday night. Brock Osweiler, the Texans’ biggest offseason signing, played badly for most of the game, passing for 171 yards on his first 34 attempts and repeatedly misfiring.

Osweiler did throw two touchdowns in regulation, but the first was due to the fact that running back Lamar Miller happens to be very good. In fact, if you had told the Texans before the game that Miller would rush for 139 yards and score twice, they would have thought they were going to win handily. Watch what Miller does here. Count the misses.

I got seven. You might have gotten six or eight. The point is, Miller had to make a lot of dudes miss just to make Osweiler’s numbers look better on the day.

Both Miller and Osweiler got credit for the score on this play. Given the effort that Miller gave, I feel like he deserves the credit for both of them.