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Frank Gore became the Colts' 1st 100-yard rusher in 4 years twice in 1 night

The Colts celebrated the end of a four-year streak without a 100-yard rusher, then briefly ruined it before ending it again.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts haven’t had a 100-yard rusher since Vick Ballard ran for 105 yards in a Week 15 game against the Houston Texans in 2012. The Colts celebrated when that 55-game streak ended Sunday before it could reach 56 games ... then they messed it up and needed overtime to get things sorted out.

With just a few minutes left in the fourth quarter against the Texans, Frank Gore bulldozed forward for 2 yards to get his rushing total to exactly 100 yards on 20 carries.

The Colts were excited and even had a graphic ready to celebrate:

Then the Colts went ahead and immediately messed it up with a huge sack on the next play, followed by a handoff to Gore that lost 1 yard and dropped him to 99 yards on the day.

And the Colts were sad:

It looked like Gore was going to end his day at 99 yards, but things got worse for the Colts after the Texans fielded a punt and scored a game-tying touchdown with a three-play, 47-yard drive.

However, the touchdown forced overtime, which gave Gore another chance to break the 100-yard mark. On the second play of overtime, Gore blasted ahead for 7 yards, definitively ending the streak.

There was no celebratory graphic from the Colts’ Twitter account the second time around.