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Raptors fans just want a little of your respect

The Raptors had a historic 2015-16 season and should be right back in the mix again. So why do many dismiss them?

The Toronto Raptors won 56 games last year and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. It was by far the best season in franchise history. And yet, there was a sense that the Raptors didn’t belong in the discussion among the NBA’s best teams.

That sense annoys Raptors fans, who just want some damn respect. So, we’ll give it to them. Daniel Reynolds, the editor of SB Nation’s Raptors HQ, joins the show to discuss the following:

  • What last year’s franchise-best season meant to Raptors fans.
  • Why Raptors fans fought against a lot of criticism of the team’s style of play, even if they knew they were a step below top contenders.
  • Can Kyle Lowry match his career year?
  • Why the Raptors needed to re-sign DeMar DeRozan, even though he clearly has his flaws.
  • How the Raptors will replace Bismack Biyombo and juggle their rotation to catch the same lightning in a bottle that last year’s bench caught.
  • Terrence Ross or Norman Powell? Or, both?

Plus, we talked about Drake’s dwindling presence with the organization as the team has improved.

Next up: the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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