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Thunder fans are still mad at Kevin Durant. What, you’re surprised?

If anything, Thunder fans are even more upset after seeing Durant start to adjust to the Warriors.

Did you think Thunder fans were over Kevin Durant’s departure? Nah, not so much. In fact, they seem even angrier given some of the comments Durant has made about having more fun in Golden State and not being as smart about basketball as he thought he was.

In this episode, Marina Mangiaracina and Chris Hanneke of Welcome to Loud City vent about Durant before considering the Thunder team left over. Among the topics discussed:

  • What could Durant have done differently, save for choosing Oklahoma City?
  • Did a frosty relationship with Russell Westbrook sew the seeds of his departure? Was their relationship as frosty as it now seems?
  • Why did Westbrook immediately choose to sign a contract extension? What did that statement mean to Thunder fans?
  • Will Westbrook go on the rampage we all expect, or will he be more subdued?
  • Does the rest of the roster have enough shooting or defensive versatility? What can we expect from Victor Oladipo and new rookie Domantas Sabonis?

Next up: the San Antonio Spurs.

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