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Patrick Reed sure loves celebrating at the Ryder Cup

A bow and a finger wag after sinking a putt? Sure, it's not NFL-level celebrating, but it's all good for the PGA.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

In the world of golf, there aren't many moments that draw celebration from the professionals while they're busy focusing on the game at hand.

If anything, it's usually a reaction of pure horror as a ball goes awry and ends up landing in the middle of a group of baby squirrels and the golfer is informed that they -- due to rules -- cannot take a drop or move the ball in any way. That, my friends, leads to a difficult shot. Believe me. I've been there. (Editor's note: Sam can't even golf, so this is obviously a lie.)

So when celebrations do happen on the links, people tend to take note. And of those who tend to celebrate, Patrick Reed makes the most of his moments. Take, for example, bowing to the crowd following a short putt during the Ryder Cup. He followed it up with a little bit of a finger wag. A no-no of sorts to his competitors.

Don't worry -- it's not against the rules to celebrate in golf. Heck, even the PGA Tour gets excited when someone actually shows some spontaneous reaction now and again.

Good job, Reed. Now if only we can get other players to avoid getting injured when they're involved what apparently became a pretty intense celebration of high-fives.