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Panthers say Cam Newton suffered a concussion after big hit vs. Falcons

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Cam Newton strolled straight into a collision with Falcons linebacker Deion Jones.

After the game, the Panthers announced Newton suffered a concussion in Sunday’s 48-33 loss to the Falcons.

Cam Newton has scored plenty of times in the NFL and he had to bulldoze through contact on plenty of them, but none were quite as bizarre as the hit delivered by Atlanta Falcons linebacker Deion Jones that sent Newton to the locker room.

After a 6-yard touchdown pass from Newton to Kelvin Benjamin, the Carolina Panthers elected to go for a two-point conversion to cut into the Falcons’ 18-point lead. Newton broke contain and ran off the left side for an easy conversion.

All he had to do was not get drilled by Jones. But for some reason he went ahead and got drilled by Jones.

It looks like Newton didn’t notice Jones until late in the play and then just assumed the linebacker would ease up with a successful conversion appearing imminent. Instead, Newton got blasted backwards and had to lunge over the goal line for the two points.

Earlier in the game, Newton and Jones had a run-in that resulted in a 15-yard taunting penalty for the quarterback.

Newton has already absorbed a ton of damage in the first month of the 2016 season, getting obliterated by the Denver Broncos defense in Week 1 and sacked eight times by the Minnesota Vikings in Week 3.

He was replaced in the game by Derek Anderson, who promptly led the Panthers down the field on a nine-play, 94-yard drive that finished with a 14-yard touchdown pass to Greg Olsen.