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Josh Norman pretended to shoot a bow and arrow after his 1st pick of the season. You can’t do that.

The NFL banned archery-themed celebrations, and he learned the hard way.

After snatching an interception that would eventually lead to a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns, Washington cornerback Josh Norman celebrated a little bit inappropriately. The NFL has fined him $10,000 for the gesture.

He was given a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, as the NFL's ban on violent celebrations applies to archery, too:

Violations of (c) will be penalized if any of the acts occur anywhere on the field. These acts include, but are not limited to: throat slash; machine-gun salute; sexually-suggestive gestures; prolonged gyrations; or stomping on a team logo.

Mike Pereira felt the need to weigh in, as well.

Any miming of weaponry isn't a good look on the playing field, even if it does fit in with your team's mascot.

Washington may have won but Norman didn't.