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Giants fans gave Vin Scully a touching send off to end his 67-year career

His childhood team provided an emotional farewell.

For 67 years, Vin Scully has been the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Scratch that, Vin Scully has been the unparalleled voice of baseball. The Dodgers’ game Sunday against the San Francisco Giants would be his last as a broadcaster.

The 89-year-old legend, who began his career in 1950 when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn, was honored by the Giants before the game with a commemorative plaque:

Any animosity that the Dodgers-Giants rivalry typically conjures up was tossed aside for a brief moment to thank Scully. The San Francisco broadcasters also took the time to thank him.

Even during the seventh-inning stretch, the attention moved to Vin. Yes, they still sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” but the Giants fans and nearby announcers all shifted their attention to Scully and used the song to serenade him.

And although Vin would like to say that the game wasn’t about his storied career, both his home and final goodbyes were framed by his Dodgers and childhood team.

Enjoy retirement, Vin, and thank you for the decades of calling baseball games in a way no other broadcaster will ever be able to replicate.