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Another Antonio Brown touchdown, another flag and fine for pelvic thrusts

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Brown got fined for twerking after a score in Week 1, but that didn’t keep him from celebrating with pelvic thrusts against Kansas City.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown drew a flag for celebrating a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs. He's facing a fine from the NFL, too, as he did in Week 1 for twerking to celebrate a score. Brown has also been fined $24,309 by the NFL for the celebration, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The touchdown came on a 38-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger, and it put the Steelers up 22-0 over the Chiefs, who have looked outmatched in every phase of the game. Brown was understandably excited.

Von Miller has also celebrated with pelvic thrusts in the past, but retired the celebration after being fined $11,000. According to Miller, "Them pumps are expensive."

Brown didn’t seem to mind the $9,115 fine he received for Week 1’s twerking celebration, though he was also fined for wearing blue cleats in that game. Brown said the fine was "nothing to a boss." The amount of Brown's fine for air humping in Week 4 is double the amount a player is typically fined for a second taunting offense, which is $12,154.

The league doesn’t care for celebrations that are "sexually suggestive or can otherwise be construed as being in poor taste" and identifies those dances as unsportsmanlike conduct. One thing that may work in Brown’s favor is that he did stop thrusting after two pumps.

Brown said after being fined for twerking that he would try to keep it under three pumps.

"Well, I got to be smart in regards to that," Brown said. "I never want to put my team in a bad predicament. Maybe I'll keep it to a (maximum) of two pumps instead of three."

The NFL congratulated Brown on his fourth touchdown of the season, but the NFL’s version of Brown’s dance isn’t nearly as fun or interesting.

Business is booming? Maybe this is the NFL’s way of telling Brown he can expect another fine.