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We’ve all been spelling Steve Hauschka’s name wrong. We’re sorry, Steve.

The Seahawks kicker just let everyone in the NFL misspell his name for almost a decade.

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Thanks to “a little mix-up” when he was in college, the world has been spelling the name of the Seattle Seahawks’ kicker wrong for years. But it wasn’t Hauschka — a last name with four consecutive consonants — that tripped people up: It was his first name, Stephen.

Since the beginning of his NFL career in 2008, he has been known as Steven Hauschka. Somewhere along the line, Stephen was misspelled as Steven and the kicker just went ahead and let it slide.

He started a Twitter account in 2014, (he only sent one tweet) and even his handle on the platform is @StevenHauschka:

It wasn’t until a photographer at Q13 News in Seattle double-checked the spelling of his name on Wednesday that he finally revealed everybody has had it wrong. Things also could’ve just been cleared if anyone asked Hauschka which name he prefers.

“Uh … I just like to go by Steve,” Hauschka told Q13 News.

A day after the big reveal, Steve Hauschka hasn’t quite stuck yet. Thursday morning, both and the official Seahawks roster still referred to the kicker as Steven Hauschka.

Sorry Steve, you’re going to have to give us some time to adjust after staying quiet for eight years.