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The Vikings and Eagles are competing to see who can turn the ball over more

Somebody, just maintain possession!

The Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles have come down with a case of the turnover bug. Both teams have been pretty good this season at not turning the ball over, combining for just three turnovers in their first five games.

Of course, it would just so happen that when they meet in Sam Bradford’s return to Philadelphia since being traded in September, that changes entirely with the two teams combining for five turnovers in just the first quarter. Their futility was historical:

Everything started with a Carson Wentz interception to Andrew Sendejo. He was close to scoring, but they didn’t turn into points.

Then, four plays later, Bradford threw an interception to Rodney McLeod in the end zone.

Three plays later, Wentz fumbled the ball, and it was recovered by Anthony Barr. At this point, we thought the turnovers might be over. But we were wrong.

That was followed up by Eagles defensive lineman Connor Barwin stripping Bradford, and Malcolm Jenkins recovered it. Jenkins ran it back for a touchdown, but it was called back after the refs ruled him down by contact.

And then Wentz threw an interception to Xavier Rhodes because nobody wants the football. Five turnovers, and no points. And just for good measure, the Vikings lost another fumble just before the end of the first half to up the total turnovers to six in the first half.

Turnovers are contagious, no matter what anybody says.