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Only the Jets and Browns could find ways to get first downs by turning the ball over

More proof that the Jets and Browns are from another football universe.

Turnovers are bad. NFL teams should not commit turnovers if they want to win games. Turnovers give the ball back to the opposition, which is suboptimal for teams that would like to score points.

The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets do not abide by the moors of football, however. On two plays that occurred within minutes of each other Sunday, they actually helped themselves by committing turnovers.

First, Browns backup quarterback Kevin Hogan threw a third-down interception that was fumbled on the run back, resulting in a first down at the same yard line on which the Browns began the play.

THEN, Matt Forte fumbled on second down near the goal line, but the Baltimore Ravens fumbled the ball right back to give the Jets first down at the 5-yard line — a 1-yard gain!

Football rarely makes sense, especially when the Jets and Browns are involved.