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Jaguars DT Malik Jackson ejected after appearing to yell at referees

Malik Jackson earned two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the same drive to invoke the NFL’s biggest rule change this offseason.

The NFL has been cracking down on unsportsmanlike conduct this season. Referees have already ejected players five times this season, after ejecting just four players in all of 2015. Jacksonville Jaguars defender Malik Jackson was the latest player to get tossed, earning two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the same drive.

After the Oakland Raiders kicked a long field goal, Jackson made extracurricular contact on the field.

Then appeared to yell at referees on the sideline.

The NFL instituted a new rule this season stating that players would be ejected if they earn two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the same game. New York Giants offensive lineman Weston Richburg was the first player to be disqualified because of the rule.

We’ve seen players be called for all sorts of silly penalties this season. Jackson’s outburst may have been flag-worthy, however. It’s a bigger indication of how frustrated the Jaguars are right now as a team that entered the season expected to improve.

Jackson was one of the team’s highest-profile signings this offseason. He earned three 15-yard penalties on one drive to total almost as many yards rushing as Chris Ivory had to that point.