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NFL referees keep letting defenses get away with pass interference against Julio Jones

Atlanta has good reason to be mad at refs. Again.

Julio Jones appeared to be interfered with late in Sunday’s game against the Chargers as the Falcons were driving for a potential game-winning score. Referees did not throw a penalty flag.

If you’re a Falcons fan, you’re groaning extra loudly because Jones also appeared to interfered with by Richard Sherman on the last play of the Falcons’ game against the Seahawks last week. Chargers cornerback Steve Williams appeared to do the same thing, grabbing Jones’ arm as the wideout faced the ball to try to make a big play.

If the referees had called a penalty this time around, the Falcons would have had a much better shot at a game-winning field goal. Tied 30-30 with the Chargers, the Falcons were driving for the win. Jones had an incredible 25-yard snag earlier in the drive to get the ball to midfield.

After the non-call, the Falcons were able to move the ball 10 yards closer to the uprights on another pass to Jones, but the 57-yard field goal attempt was just a little too long for ultra-consistent Matt Bryant. The Falcons went on to lose a thriller in overtime, 33-30.

After the game, Jones’ feelings on the non-call were pretty clear.

“They said it was uncatchable even though he pulled me down and I still touched it with one hand,” Jones said. “They still said it was uncatchable.”

Jones had another incredible day, catching nine passes for 174 yards. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite good enough to overcome a bad call (and, of course, a hard effort by the Chargers).

Missed calls are a natural part of the game. That said, defensive pass interference could be handled so much better than it is.