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The NBA is coming to save you from terrible NFL games

Good morning. We have that and more in Monday's NBA newsletter.

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Good morning! Tom's off this week, so you're stuck with me again. Let's basketball!

WE'RE DOOMED: Friday's final Blazers-Warriors preseason game was an up-and-down, tight affair ... until Kevin Durant erupted with a 14-point burst in four minutes of the third quarter. This'll happen a lot this year.

MEANWHILE ... This is how the most recent primetime NFL game ended. Fear not, malnourished sports fans. The NBA is coming to save you.


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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: We have a huge NBA preview for you, featuring:

-Team previews from Tom Ziller and Paul Flannery. Like this one.

-In-depth team previews from our 30 NBA team communities

-Tom's essay on the Decade of LeBron

-Paul's in-depth feature on how the Timberwolves plan to take over the NBA

-Tim Cato's introspective piece at what Russell Westbrook means to Oklahoma City

-John Gonzalez's look at the Clippers' constant struggle to win in the playoffs

-My video on how exactly Kevin Durant's presence ruins the best game plan to stop the Warriors

ALSO: The second-to-last Limited Upside team podcast preview looks at the Cavaliers. The final one (Golden State) will be out shortly.

SURPRISED IT TOOK THIS LONG: Stephen Curry provided an impassioned defense of Draymond Green in response to Ethan Strauss' piece on Green's temperament. Green himself is treating it like any criticism: by hunkering down and shutting out the outside noise.

SO STEPH IS TRUMP? Steve Kerr compares Kevin Durant to Gary Johnson as a means of predicting that Damian Lillard will win MVP. Confused? So am I. (It's worth noting that Kerr said this after the Warriors played the Blazers on Friday).

SASSY BLAZERS: Portland's official team Twitter account points out that Draymond's high leg moves are alive and kicking.

STARTING OFF ON THE WRONG FOOT: New Raptors big man Jared Sullinger will miss extended time with a foot injury.

DITTO: Nerlens Noel will miss 3-5 weeks after a "minor surgical procedure."

YUP: LeBron says that superteams form because "they want to beat me."

STILL NOT OVER IT: Byron Scott told ESPN's Outside the Lines that he can't say Jim Buss is doing a good job with the Lakers because "if he'd done a great job, I'd still be here."

LETTING HIM DOWN YI-SILY: Yi Jianlian saw the writing on the wall, so he's asked to be released before the Lakers can cut him.

A HEADLINE I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE: "The Lakers are comparing Nick Young's defense to Bruce Bowen and Kawhi Leonard"

WELL, I'M CONCERNED: Rick Carlisle is preaching patience after Harrison Barnes shot 27 percent from the field during the preseason.

LISTEN TO THEM: A PSA from Chris Paul, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony to register to vote in the 2016 election.

FISHING FOR ANSWERS: Denver Stiffs caught up with Wilson Chandler, who explained how he caught this massive fish and much more.

KRIS IS GLAD PRESEASON IS DUNN: Canis Hoopus has an in-depth look at the Timberwolves' rookie, who had a rough exhibition season.

HERE IS JAMES HARDEN'S NEW SIGNATURE SURE: I actually kind of like it?

IT'S HALLOWEEN SEASON, WHICH MEANS ... Russell Westbrook dressing up in a delightful costume. This year, he's Joe Dirt.

HE MAKES IT SEEM SO SIMPLE: Can Hassan Whiteside be my dance instructor?

One day until the regular season starts. So soon! Catch y'all tomorrow.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.