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Warriors fans insist their superteam is great for the NBA

In our Warriors preview, we get into the existential question of whether Kevin Durant’s signing is good for business as a whole.

The Warriors will be the dominant storyline in the NBA this season, so there isn’t much ground to cover in a team preview that hasn’t been covered elsewhere. Instead, Bram Kincheloe of Golden State of Mind jumped on to discuss the following topics:

  • Did you hear the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals?
  • Is Kevin Durant’s signing good for the NBA as a whole? We know it’s good for the Warriors.
  • Why are Warriors fans going nuts for Patrick McCaw?
  • Is there any reason to worry about Draymond Green’s abrasiveness, as outlined in this ESPN story?
  • Seriously, is there anything else for Warriors fans to worry about?

That concludes our look at all 30 teams with the writers from our SB Nation team communities. We’ve been running these podcasts since July and going roughly in reverse order of finish from last season. If you missed them, here’s how to seek out your team:


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