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Here’s how Brock Osweiler’s night was just the worst

Things just couldn’t have been more awful for him.

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Brock Osweiler didn’t have the game he might have hoped for in his return to Denver, an offseason removed from leaving the team to sign with the Houston Texans for $72 million over four years.

On Monday night, Osweiler completed just 22 of his 41 passes for 131 yards. He didn’t find the end zone, and somehow managed to throw a fumble seven yards.

Here’s how his night was just the worst.

He’s in the same company as The Bachelor Jesse Palmer

Among quarterbacks who have attempted at least 40 attempts in an NFL game, only Jesse Palmer had a worse performance in terms of yardage when he threw for 110 as a member of the Giants back in 2003.

He owns three of the four lowest passing games with at least 40 attempts this season

Osweiler has been getting his attempts in, but he hasn’t been doing much with them. Out of all quarterbacks in the NFL, he owns three of the four games with the fewest yards passing with at least 40 attempts in 2016.

He’s doing this with one of the most talented receivers in the league in DeAndre Hopkins and a promising rookie in Will Fuller. His backfield also has Lamar Miller, who has had a strong season, which typically helps quarterback play.

He was owned by the guy who shot himself

Osweiler’s former teammate Aqib Talib was happy with the poor performance by Osweiler, and he wasn’t shy about it either:

He wasn’t done there.

The Broncos are sitting nice at 5-2 on the season and tied for first in their division, but it’s clear they weren’t happy with Osweiler leaving.

His much less expensive replacement is playing better than he is

His counterpart Monday night, Trevor Siemian, completed 14 of his 25 passes for 157 yards and a touchdown. Siemian will be making $538,195 this season, in comparison to Osweiler’s $12 million.

Through seven weeks of the NFL season, there’s no question that the Broncos have gotten the better end of the offseason moves.