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There's a big event happening in Cleveland, and it's indoors

Good morning. We have that and more in Tuesday's NBA newsletter.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Good morning! Something important is happening in the NBA tonight. Let's basketball for real.

IT'S BAAAACK: Yup, the NBA returns! Here's your opening-night schedule

8 p.m. ET: Knicks at Cavaliers (TNT)

10 p.m. ET: Jazz at Blazers (NBA League Pass)

10:30 p.m. ET: Spurs at Warriors (TNT)

The hipster fan me is upset that Jazz-Blazers is happening at the same time as Warriors-Spurs. Why you gotta make me choose, NBA?

SOME OTHER SMALL EVENT IS HAPPENING IN CLEVELAND TONIGHT: Game 1 of the World Series begins at the same time as the Cavaliers' season opener, so the Cavs will move up their ring ceremony to accommodate fans.


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LOTS OF MVP CHOICES! Tom dives into what should be a wide-open MVP race. He lists a whopping 21 possible candidates to make noise and picks San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard to win. I think we're sleeping on Stephen Curry again even with Kevin Durant in town, but we'll see. BONUS: Tap this Vine for a foolproof way to decide who actually wins.

WARRIORS FANS SAY 'YEAH': Jesus Gomez on Harrison Barnes' dreadful preseason. It's just preseason, but his performances were ugly.

MAKE THIS COMMERCIAL OLD: Here's Steph's new Under Armour commercial, which I quite like.

YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO CATCH UP! Here are all the Limited Upside team podcast previews in one place. Find your favorite team and dive in with the writers from our SB Nation team sites.

SURPRISING CUTS: Archie Goodwin is out in Phoenix, while R.J. Hunter was released from the Celtics.

UH OH: Chandler Parsons still isn't cleared to play for the Grizzlies. This is getting worrisome.

#DCFAMILY? Tim Cato ranks the 30 official Twitter team hashtags. The Clippers' one has me scratching my head.

SNELLS LIKE TEAM SPIRIT: Brew Hoop lists 14 great Bucks-related fantasy basketball team names. The first one is my favorite.

REMEMBER THE NAME: Ricky O'Donnell on the rise of young Georgia point guard Collin Sexton. You'll enjoy the quotes from Sexton's high school coach.

THE NERDS WON: VICE Sports on the proliferation of analytics-minded front-office executives.

BILL SIMMONS ALERT: The Sports Guy on the Warriors giving LeBron James the motivation he needs.

MAKE IT HAPPEN: David Aldridge wonders if the NBA could expand back to Seattle soon.

SHOALS ALERT: Nathaniel Friedman's season preview for GQ is worth reading.

DEEEET-ROIT BASKET-BALL (ACTUALLY IN DETROIT): A local county executive believes the Pistons are "in the final stages of negotiation" to move into a downtown arena.

BEFORE YOU FORGET: Cram for the NBA with our season preview! We go deep on every team, plus we have five feature stories to check out:

-Tom's essay on LeBron James' dominance this decade.

-Paul Flannery's journey to Minnesota to discover how the NBA's next potential power is building.

-Tim Cato's exploration into Russell Westbrook's hero-like status in Oklahoma City.

-John Gonzalez's look at how the Clippers are handling another make-or-break season

-My video breakdown on how Kevin Durant's presence wrecks the best strategy to stop the Warriors

Enjoy the season opener! See y'all tomorrow.


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