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Here are some NBA predictions we definitely won’t regret

It’s time to put our money where our mouth is and pick over/unders for each NBA team.

The NBA season is almost here, and Ben is back from his honeymoon. Thus, we thought it was the perfect time to lay out our predictions for each NBA team, as well as some MVP picks and other random guesses, because putting it in those terms will make us feel better when we’re inevitably wrong. We used the latest Bovada odds for our over/unders.

Among the notable moments of this two-part podcast:

  • We’re confused about the Knicks and the Bulls. They feel like two sides of the same coin to us.
  • Mike is higher on Orlando and lower on Atlanta than he should be.
  • The Warriors’ over/under is incredibly high, and yet also isn’t high enough.
  • Why did Ben walk back his earlier Oklahoma City optimism?

We also make our bold predictions for MVP and wonder if James Harden can somehow lead the NBA in scoring and assists.

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