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All the excitement in Chicago for a Cubs World Series has just been swallowed up by Jay Cutler's black hole of apathy


This is one of the most exciting times in Chicago sports history in a while. The Bulls and White Sox have had their successes in the past, but Cubs fans have been waiting their entire lives for a World Series, and that opportunity is finally here.

It’s been since 1945 that the Cubs were in a World Series, and since 1908 that they actually won one.

But Jay Cutler is here to drain the lives of Chicago fans of any joy.

The Chicago Bears haven’t been great this season. They’re 1-6 on the season, holding the second-worst record in the NFL, just ahead of the 0-7 Cleveland Browns. Cutler started the first two games of the Bears’ season, both of which were losses.

He was replaced by Brian Hoyer, who had actually performed pretty well in his absence. But after Hoyer went down with a broken arm last Thursday, Cutler was miraculously cleared to play.

So Tuesday, when Cutler spoke to the media, he sucked out all the joy with his apathy:

He wasn’t done:

When he was asked about his future, he ended with, “Whatever happens, happens.”

Come on, Jay! Some people have been waiting their entire lives for a Cubs World Series appearance, and even longer for a championship. It’s tough for people to see their historic football franchise in the dumps like this.

Chicagoans will be hoping the Cubs can erase any gloom with a Game 1 win Tuesday night.