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The Warriors are on a 4-game losing streak

Good morning. We have that and more in Wednesday's NBA newsletter.

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

0-82? The new Warriors' grand entrance turned into an embarrassing Spurs blowout. Kawhi Leonard dominated, Jonathon Simmons did his best LeBron impression, and the Spurs pounded the glass. Stephen Curry looked great, Kevin Durant looked fine and the rest of the Warriors did squat. There's probably a part of Steve Kerr that loves this result, because now he has the players' attention.

LET'S CHECK ON THE OTHER SUPERTEAM: Derrick Rose's super Knicks also got wiped off the floor in Cleveland. LeBron James was sublime and Kyrie Irving put the game away with a third-quarter barrage. The Knicks ... are a work in progress.


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ON LEAGUE PASS: The Blazers and Jazz staged a classic. Joe Johnson backed his way to a big third quarter for Utah, but Damian Lillard came alive down the stretch to lead the Blazers to victory. Enjoy these highlights. Please let this be a first-round series.


CLE 117 NYK 88

POR 113 UTA 104

SA 129 GS 100

THIS IS A BIG DEAL: Chris Hansen, the Seattle billionaire who was behind a failed effort to relocate the Sacramento Kings, now says he's willing to fund a new arena entirely with private money. That could remove the biggest stumbling block that's stopping Hansen from breaking ground. If Seattle can begin plans to build a new arena, expansion becomes a much more realistic possibility.

LET'S PLAY TWO: A bunch of fans stuck around Quicken-Loans Arena to watch the Indians.

REMINDS ME OF THE TIME ... : The Cavaliers' new massive championship rings reference the 3-1 deficit they overcame.

NICE TRY: Andre Iguodala was the victim of a sudden gust of wind.

#SAGERSTRONG: The Warriors and Spurs joined TNT's crew by dressing like Craig SagerHere's how to purchase those special Sager Nikes. Proceeds go to the SagerStrong foundation

KEEEEE-VIN: Enjoy this animated series showing what Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnett are up to in retirement.

NOT BAD: This was an emphatic dunk by Rodney Hood, who is my (Mike's) Most Improved Player favorite.

POP BEING POP: "Urinate in a bucket" is a great insult.

TUESDAY NIGHT ASIDE, Jesus Gomez believes transitioning to the post-Tim Duncan era may not be so easy for the Spurs.

OH, CHUCK: "I think Klay Thompson is the best all-around player other than LeBron James in the NBA." (And Shaq agreed!)

UH OH: Iman Shumpert is going through concussion protocol after running into Kristaps Porzingis off a screen. The Cavs already had no true backup point guard.

LIVING THE DREAM: A tribute to players who logged fewer than 100 minutes and still earned a championship ring.

AS SOMEONE WHO CANNOT DRAW: I enjoyed GQ asking a bunch of NBA players to sketch themselves.

KP TIME: I'm curious to see how well Kristaps Porzingis' new Adidas shoes sell.

THE CLUB IS SHRINKING: Marc Spears spoke with several white American players about what it's like to be the minority in the NBA. Chandler Parsons' answers are most entertaining. J.J. Redick's are most interesting.

PREDICTION TIME: Tom and Paul don't like 'em, but sort of make them anyway. Ben and I embraced them on a two-part Limited Upside podcast.

TONIGHT: Twenty teams make their season debuts. ESPN has Thunder vs. Sixers at 8 p.m. ET (Joel Embiid watch!), then Lakers-Rockets (D'Antoni Bowl!) at 10:30. Pistons at Raptors is the best of the League Pass games.

Until tomorrow.


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