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NBA Scores: Live updates and highlights from the first full night of basketball

10 games! All the highlights, wild stat lines and bizarre moments from them right here!

There are 10 games in the NBA tonight. Stop in here to stay up to date on the coolest stuff from all 10 of them.

And the final two:

Kings 113, Suns 94

Lakers 120, Rockets 114 in a fun one. Harden ended up with a wild 34 points and 17 assists.

All the early scores

Pacers 130, Mavericks 121

Heat 108, Magic 96

Celtics 122, Nets 117

Raptors 109, Pistons 91

Hornets 107, Bucks 96

Grizzlies 102, Timberwolves 98

Nuggets 107, Pelicans 102

Thunder 103, 76ers 97

A layup away from a double-double in the first quarter

That’s right — through the first 12 minutes, James Harden has 12 points and nine assists. He could have had 10, but Corey Brewer was fouled on a fast break layup that just barely missed. Harden is playing point guard this year, and he’s already making the most of it. Goodness, what a quarter to open the season.

Anthony Davis: “I’m still really really really good, you know”

The Brow scored 50 points on 17-of-34 shooting with 16 rebounds, five assists, seven steals and four blocks. Ho hum.

The next generation of big men are here

Myles Turner has 25 points in regulation, with the Pacers’ game going to overtime. Karl-Anthony Towns had 16 points in the first half. Anthony Davis is saying “don’t forget about me” with 35 points, nine rebounds and six steals in 27 minutes so far tonight. And Joel Embiid debuted tonight.

KAT ain’t giving up that throne, though.

Embiid hype has potential. KAT hype is real. That’s a center pulling a corner three with so little hesitation I didn’t even realize he had shot it until my third time watching it.


Joel Embiid’s career has gone like this.

  • A heat check three-point attempt on his first career shot.
  • A turnaround jumper on his first career make.
  • A violent block on the next possession.

He’s a 7’2, freakishly athletic center. Give up all hope for ye who enter here; it’s Embiid’s league now.

Just enjoy this Paul George dunk a few times.

Oh yeah, NBA IS BACK

Please enjoy this terribly lovable sequence.

Gerald Green’s hair is a shamrock now

A quick ranking of NBA things I’d like to see turned into hair art:

5. A Buck

4. A fireball for the Heat

3. An Oregon Trail-style wagon for Portland

2. A Raptor

1. A Pelican

Tonight’s top game: Russ vs. Embiid

Oklahoma City hosts the 76ers, which I’m incredibly thrilled for. It’s Game 1 for Russell Westbrook without Kevin Durant on the roster. It’s Game 1 for Joel Embiid, period. Philadelphia is unfortunately missing Ben Simmons, but Dario Saric is a thrilling prospect to keep an eye on, too. It starts at 8 p.m. ET.

For the early game, check out the Mavericks vs. the Pacers. The late-game options are Kings vs. Suns and Rockets vs. Lakers — clearly, the latter of those two is the one to keep an eye on, especially since Houston is going to score at least 270 points. Minimum.

In the immortal words of Chance, we back.