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Anthony Davis reminded us why he’s still the NBA’s next sensation

Now someone please find him some teammates.

Anthony Davis was the Next Big Thing in the NBA entering last season. Then, his entire team got hurt, he couldn't somehow lift a bunch of replacement-level players to stardom, and we all kind of forgot about him.

Don’t think we’ll be forgetting about him anymore. How’s this for a season opener:

You read that right: 50 points. Plus 16 rebounds. Plus seven steals (!). Plus five assists. Plus four blocks. Only seven times since 2000 has a player tallied at least five in five different categories. Davis nearly became the eighth ... while also scoring 50 points.

Alas, his Pelicans lost anyway because the rest of his teammates combined to score 52 points while shooting 36 percent from the field. Someone please get this man some help. This is not fair.