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Browns avoid starting their 27th QB since 1999 by getting Josh McCown back

Cleveland doesn't have any wins, but at least it’s got a familiar face at quarterback this week.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson named Josh McCown the Week 8 starter against the New York Jets.

McCown is back under center after recovering from a collarbone injury he suffered in Week 2 against the Baltimore Ravens. While he has been a solid quarterback for the Browns over the past year, he cannot stay healthy.

Last season, McCown was placed on injured reserve after a matchup against the Ravens in Week 12. He suffered a collarbone injury, too. While he can provide a spark for the Browns’ offense, it usually fizzles out because he is always getting hurt. Can he stave off the injury bug and finally get the Browns into the win column?

The Browns offensive line has already given up 21 sacks on the season, and they are ranked 18th in passing yards. To reduce the chances of McCown getting injured, the Browns must rely heavily on its rushing attack, which ranks seventh in the league. If Cleveland can continue to generate a strong rushing attack against the Jets, McCown could easily make plays by utilizing the play-action passes.

At 0-7, the Browns are the only winless team in the NFL and are having a hard time keeping its quarterbacks on the field. In Week 1, Robert Griffin III, after suffering a shoulder injury against the Philadelphia Eagles, was placed on injured reserve.

Josh McCown was named the starter after Griffin got injured. However, in Week 2 against the Baltimore Ravens, McCown suffered a broken left collarbone.

After losing Griffin and McCown, Jackson had no choice but to force Kessler into action. Kessler was knocked out of the game in Week 5 against the Patriots and veteran quarterback Charlie Whitehurst came in, only to suffer a knee injury. He was later released with an injury settlement. Kessler returned for the next game, but just when you though it couldn't get any worse for the Browns, it did.

In the second quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals, Kessler went down with a concussion and didn't return. The Browns announced Friday that Kessler is still in the concussion protocol.

Terrelle Pryor, the former quarterback turned No. 1 receiver, is the emergency backup. Pryor has already taken snaps under center for the Browns, but he’s been dealing with a hamstring injury.

The Browns have started 26 quarterbacks since 1999. If Hogan started against the Jets this Sunday, he would have been the 27th, but that title will have to wait.