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KOOL A.D. wants to talk about the Raiders for a sec

The Raiders are a squad of the waviest proportions.

An Oakland Raiders fan dressed as a pirate skeleton shows his support prior to the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Bruh, Raiders hella maney this season. About time, right? They used to call the Raiders winning literally any game ‘The Raider Super Bowl,’ now we 1st in the West, 5 and 2, arguably best offensive line in the league making room for one of the most gifted up and comer QBs. I mean, not even up and comer mane Carr has arrived, he's a beast. Crabtree cold pluckin em, Janikowski putting in legendary work, Cooper doin it, Osemele doin it, everybody doing the thing, it's a squad of the waviest proportions.

As a side note, all praises be to Kaepernick for kicking off an NFL-wide protest of America's racist, crooked Justice System and peace to the Niners, they been having a hard time lately but as a once and forever Bayview Hunter's Point dope boy I will always have love for them. That's wild rare in the bay to have love for both the Niners and the Raiders but I'm a hippie of mixed birth and heritage and I try to love everybody regardless. Except the Patriots. Peace to Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty tho. Not a big Broncos fan either. Peace to Brandon Marshall tho. Peace to the Miami Dolphins, bless up.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Raiders, mane.

They hit the Chargers with old school one-two one-two, feel me? That was a groovy one.

My guess for the Super Bowl is Patriots/Vikings. I'd put my money on the Vikings and probably lose it, cause the mainstream narrative a bitch.

Speaking of the mainstream narrative I got my money on Hillary for the big boy Super Bowl.

Anyway what was I talking about, oh yeah, the Raiders. Carr and Crabtree just mashin on fools with no regard. Janikowski and Osemele doin they thing too. Wait I said that already right?

Rough time against the Chiefs, wouldn't have expected that, tbh.

The Saints and the Ravens games were both classic Raiders tho, wild flamboyant, dicey stuff. Crabtree went off.

I'ma say what I been sayin for a couple weeks (but didn't want to write the article til we had a couple more wins under the belt haha): they makin the playoffs.

That'll be the first time since 2002 when they lost the Super Bowl to the Buccaneers. The Pirate Bowl, they called it. Nah, I just made that up but it feels accurate.

Buccaneers, that's just a bootsy Raider, they got the frilly shirts like on Seinfeld. Bad football team, no good.

Anyway, Go Raiders, it's ur boy KOOL A.D. and I don't even watch football.