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The Bears are bringing in an outside consultant to figure out why they’re so bad

Professional football consultants might be the Bears’ last best hope for a turnaround.

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

You don’t really need to be a certifiable NFL insider to know that the Chicago Bears are bad. Just watch one of their games, or try to. For the Bears, just watching doesn’t seem to be enough, at least not for understanding why the team has continued to be a sinkhole of bad football under the administration of GM Ryan Pace and head coach John Fox. They’re bringing in an outside consultant to take a closer look at the operation, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

These football consultants (honestly, what an amazing job that actually exists) have been meeting with folks in the organization, including members of the coaching staff.

Rapoport didn’t have much to say about the specifics of those meetings other than that it’s been tense. Surprise!

Fox has a tenuous grasp on his job beyond this season. Some have questioned whether he’s as engaged in the work of coaching a bad football team as he has been in the past. People close to Fox say he’s been putting in long hours like he usually does ... hmm, long hours with no results, seems like a recipe for loving what you do.

As for Pace, the personnel side of the operation has more leeway. The 2016 draft class is starting to show some results, even if the 2015 draftees are still mostly disappointing, thanks in part to Kevin White being on injured reserve.

And then there’s Jay Cutler. Nobody in the organization seems to want him anymore. They intentionally kept him away from the team when Brian Hoyer was starting, but another Hoyer injury has forced them to play Cutler.

"He doesn't have a choice, I guess,” Cutler said earlier in the week.

So much apathy!

Cutler will almost certainly be gone in 2017. The question now is who else from the Bears organization will join him looking for a new gig.