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Travis Benjamin's touchdown should be an award-winning film

It defied reality.

Wide receiver Travis Benjamin very likely just had the play of the game for the San Diego Chargers, hauling in a tipped pass for a touchdown.

This sequence is so beautiful that it deserves some kind of award.

Broncos cornerback Lorenzo Doss tipped Philip Rivers’ pass, knocking it slightly off course. Still, Benjamin gets one hand on it, and despite bobbling it, manages to gain control and get both feet down for the touchdown.

It was a demonstration of beauty and grace. If NFL highlights were eligible for Golden Globes or Academy Awards, it would probably win one.

Unfortunately for San Diego, the Broncos managed to block Josh Lambo’s PAT attempt, but Benjamin’s catch still got the Chargers six points the team desperately needed. The Chargers currently trail the Broncos, 17-14, in the third quarter.