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Cowboys' best play against the Eagles was a 30-yard fake punt

Punter Chris Jones got Dallas a much-needed fresh set of downs with this successful fake.

The Cowboys were trailing the Eagles, 20-10, in the second half Sunday. After an offensive drive stalled and the Cowboys went three-and-out, they went with a bold call, letting Chris Jones run a fake punt.

The Cowboys were backed all the way up on their own 27-yard line, and Jones let the pressure almost get to him before escaping to the left.

Jones is fast, and the Cowboys blocked well for him. He scrambled for 30 yards, getting Dallas a fresh set of downs starting at Philadelphia’s 43-yard line.

This has been a rough game for Dak Prescott and the Dallas offense, and this fake punt has been the Cowboys’ best play of the night.

Dallas wasn’t able to convert the successful fake punt into a touchdown drive, but they did add a Dan Bailey field goal to narrow the Eagles’ lead to 20-13.