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The 6 best costumes from LeBron James' Halloween party, ranked

Of course LeBron James throws one hell of a Halloween party! This year, it happened on Sunday.

Let’s investigate.

6. Mike Dunleavy Jr. and his wife as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears

I forgot Dunleavy was on the Cavaliers until this moment.

5. Kevin Love and girlfriend Kate Bock as Dumb & Dumber

Love and Bock won best couples costume for the second year in a row. In other Kevin Love news, there was a haunted Lil Kev doll at the party, as known from those State Farm commercials where Love is a little kid.

4. LeBron James as Jerome from “Martin”

3. Iman Shumpert as The Joker

Hardly an original costume, but I had to put Shumpert this high due to how much effort went into this. Man, even all the tattoos.

(Also, his wife Teyana Taylor dressed up as Harley Quinn.)

2. Mike Mancias (LeBron’s personal trainer) as Jimmy Goldstein

This one’s incredible.

1. Kyrie Irving as a dancing Power Ranger

Just let Kyrie dance.