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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett got a scar celebrating Jason Witten’s winning touchdown

He would tell you it was worth it.

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The Dallas Cowboys won what was arguably the most exciting Sunday Night Football game of the NFL season thus far against the Philadelphia Eagles. Dak Prescott led the Cowboys on a game-winning drive in overtime, capped off with a touchdown pass to Jason Witten.

Not only did the Cowboys beat the Eagles, it gave them a two-game cushion for first place in the NFC East.

The aftermath of the touchdown was hectic, and it led to head coach Jason Garrett getting a little scratched up in the process:

When asked how he got the scar, Garrett said, “I think I got it from Witten. We all kinda were excited after he scored that touchdown, and we were all running around out there and I gave him a big hug and I forgot that he had a helmet on and I didn't.”

Garrett told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Monday, "It was pretty emotional out there. I think everybody was excited about it. Everybody kept looking at it like, 'Coach, I think you've got a little something going on your face there.'"

Garrett was asked if he would be fining Witten, to which he responded, “No, I will not fine him. Are you kidding me?”

It’s never ideal to get hit in the face, but if it means his team stays atop the NFC, Garrett probably won’t object to a scratch here or there.