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Arkansas State beats Georgia Southern thanks to a leaping, twisting TD grab in the final seconds

The first night of #FunBelt did not disappoint!

We had ourselves some good ole #FunBelt fun on Wednesday night between Arkansas State and Georgia Southern. Arkansas State didn’t have a lead in this game all night, much of that due to the five turnovers by the Red Wolves that kept thwarting offensive drives.

But the Red Wolves managed to pull within six trailing 26-20 with 25 seconds left, and somehow Arkansas State managed to get the ball down deep into Georgia Southern territory on its final drive. Then on 2nd-and-goal with nine seconds left, Red Wolves’ QB Justice Hansen found Omar Bayless in the end zone on a beautiful pass to tie things up at 26.

The extra point took the lead and sealed the win.

Late in third quarter, Arkansas State was able to find some life, scoring a 55-yard touchdown from running back Warren Wand to pull within six, still trailing 23-17. Georgia Southern was able to respond with a field goal early in the fourth quarter, but from then on the Red Wolves refused to go away.

They scored a field goal with 6:32 left in the game, and forced back-to-back punts from Southern’s offense, getting the ball back with under three minutes left. Having burned all three timeouts on the Eagles’ last possession to prevent them from running out the clock, the Red Hawks had to come up with a quick-scoring drive.

You gotta tip your cap to the Red Wolves’ offense for being able to pull this one off.